Little Green Tour

Welcome to the Little Green Tour! With electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, we have decided to put a Tesla Model 3 electric car and the Volvo V90 Recharge hybrid through their paces to gather data to measure the impact of towing caravans on the vehicles’ range, and work out the logistics of recharging on the open road and while on our campsites.

Our tour will go from Burrs Country Park Club Campsite in Lancashire to Cayton Village Club Campsite in North Yorkshire where we have installed ‘fast chargers’ allowing guests to recharge vehicles quickly.

By the end of our short tour, we will have run tests to evaluate the rate of energy consumption with and without a caravan hitched up to the cars, and we’ll have calculated real-world electric ranges under towing conditions.

Follow our journey live on our interactive map! Find out more about our drivers, follow our Twitter feed live and read more about things to do around our sites in this beautiful area of England. Results to follow…so watch this space!